Sigdal Lutheran Church


Tolna, ND 58380

P.O. Box 124

2404 97th Ave NE                                                          


Phone: 701-262-4596

Worship Service Schedule for April 2024

4/7          Off Sunday  

4/14        8:00

4/21        9:30am

4/28        11:00am






Council MEMBERs

  1. President: Cody Quam                                                                                          
  2. Vice President: Sarah Haugland
  3. Secretary: Phyllis Haugland
  4. Treasurer: David Rude
  5. Council: Deacons:  June Lewis, Angie Twete, Rick Borgerson
  6. Trustees: Michelle Hovdenes, Duane Flaagan, Doug Flaagan 
  7. Board of Education: Sarah Haugland & Michelle Hovdenes
  8. Cemetery Committee: Clayton Quam, Cody Quam, Dalton Flaagan
  9. WELCA Representative: Patty Anderson
  10. MSP Representatives:  June Lewis & Sarah Haugland


  1.  President : Patty Anderson; Vice President: June Lewis; Secretary: Phyllis Haugland; Treasurer Ilyce Flaagan
  2.  Sec. of Stewardship: Cheryl Forde; Pianist: Diane Hoveskeland

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